Text 23 Nov 1 note

To everyone in the giveaway sorry we’ve been so absent. We both have been preoccupied with school. We’ll get back on top of things soon. Only one of us has access to the prizes and her Internet decided that now would be a good time to stop working. I’ve contacted her and she will be able to respond to all the winners accordingly.

Thank you for being so patient.

Text 9 Nov time-travelling-victorian021, we need to contact you!

time-travelling-victorian021, you don’t seem to have an ask box, and as our winner of the first prize in our giveaway, we need to have some way of contacting you privately.  We want to discuss what you want for your custom plate, so please send us a message with information on how we can do that.

We hope you get in touch!  We would hate to see this prize go to waste.

Text 6 Nov Giveaway winners!

First Prize: time-travelling-victorian021

Second Prize: sofa-kingizz

Third Prize: xogingixo

time-travelling-victorian021, I look forward to designing a plate with you!  sofa-kingizz, xogingixo, congratulations!  I’ll send you a message in a couple of days to figure out shipping details.

Text 6 Nov Giveaway closed as of 51 minutes ago!
Text 5 Nov The giveaway is almost over!

Less than two hours, now!

Text 5 Nov Last day of the giveaway!

Enter before midnight Pacific Standard Time!

Text 3 Nov Three days until the winners are picked!

When 11:59 PM passes (in Pacific Standard Time) on the 5th, the giveaway is ended!  There are less than three full days left until then!  Are you excited?  There aren’t that many entries, so there’s still a decent chance of winning!

Text 27 Oct We need ideas!

Until the Christmas episode comes around, we’re having trouble coming up with new ideas for posts over here.  Once again, I beg all of you lovelies for submissions!  We’re brainstorming (I promise I’m trying!), but your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Video 19 Oct 62 notes

Time for the giveaway!  Allow me to explain what’s happening:

I have a free voucher to make a plate at Paint the Town.  I decided to turn that into a giveaway!  I can’t guarantee the shape, as I won’t know what they have, but the first prize will be a custom painted plate in whatever Warehouse 13 theme you would like.  The top picture is of a plate I made for myself at Paint the Town (TARDIS themed) completely freehand.  Depending on the theme you choose, I may use a stencil to keep clean lines.


1. Custom Warehouse 13 plate, theme is the winner’s choice (this includes colors, subject, and basic design, you’ll tell us what you want and we’ll send you a sketch before we make the plate)

2. A pair of hipster glasses

3. Another pair of hipster glasses

There’s a larger pair w/ glass in dark brown and light pink inside, and there’s a smaller pair w/ no glass in black.

First random number gets the plate, second random number gets their pick of the glasses, third random number gets the remaining pair.

The winners will receive messages from us telling them what they won and asking for a shipping address when it is time to send them their prize.

Please only like or reblog once, only one will be counted as an entry and WE WILL CHECKEveryone who likes or reblogs is entered.

ONLY FOLLOWERS CAN ENTER.  If you are not following us (and again, WE WILL CHECK), we will not count you as an entrant.

Winners will be picked via random number generator after 11:59 PM on the 5th of November.

Now, without further ado—go forth and win prizes!

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